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A 1-on-1 consultation which includes: 

❖ Detailed skin analysis 

❖ Emailed results of your skin analysis with images
❖  Professional customized skin health advice and product recommendations 

from  $25.00 
The Quickie
from  $175.00 

❖ The Quickie- 30 min targeted treatment. Good for all. 

❖ Need a quick deep cleanse before you go get your face beat or before you sit in your barber’s chair. 
❖ In-between advanced facials, like a micro needle or a peel, this is the perfect prep facial 1-2weeks before next one. 
❖ Tween & Teens: start here, we’ll give advice and guidance on dealing with acne and breakouts while treating them. 
❖  Newbies and Sensies: so maybe this is your first professional facial EVER! No worries this is a perfect non-committal way to introduce a skinship (the relationship between US, your Esty bestie, yourself and your skin. 

As the name suggests, this is a quick 30 minute treatment for glowing skin. It includes:  

❖ Double cleanse  

❖ Exfoliation or Laser Light Therapy 

❖ Toner, serum, moisturizer,and daytime-protection 

The Quickie.jpeg
The Standard
from  $250.00 

❖ The Standard- 60 min treatment. Good for all  

❖ This is your go-to, whether that be monthly, seasonally or occasionally. It can also be an introductory treatment. 
❖ You’ve had advanced treatments i.e. laser, peel, micro-needling, a face-lift? This facial is how you maintain your hard work and investment into your skin. 

The O.G.
from  $375.00 

❖ The O.G- Up to 90 min treatment. Good for some.  

❖ This isn’t for everyone. Single sessions can be purchased but this treatment is normally apart of a more extensive treatment plan. Remember all our treatments are tailored to you and your concerns. 

Our O.G is an advanced, customized 90 minute treatment. This includes: 

❖ Laser Therapy 

❖ Double cleanse 

❖ Exfoliation dermaplaning or microdermabrasion 

❖ Extractions/electric modalities 

❖ A Deep peel or micro-needling 

❖ Hydro jelly mask 

❖ Toner,serum, moisturizer, and daytime protection  

The OG.jpeg
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